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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of headers will suit my needs?

We specialise in 'interference' design headers which are a proven method for delivering the best results possible. An 'interferance header' will give you more response and better fuel economy in the everyday conditions that most of us are driving in.

Will headers make my car louder?

The mufflers and the size and condition of the rest of your exhaust system will have more to do with how your car sounds and in most cases fitting a set of headers will have very little effect on your vehicles exhaust noise levels.

What about diesel engines?

We make a large range of headers for diesel powered vehicles, especially off-roaders. Diesel engines are at their best down low in the rev range and it makes sense that the header system design with this in mind will only benefit your performance and provide you with the best value for money enhancement.

Will it help when towing?

By giving your engine the advantage of a set of headers, you will improve your engines ability to perform when it's really needed. Pulling an extra load puts a lot of strain on your vehicles performance and every bit helps when towing. This is where throttle response matters most and your engines ability to breathe easier will not only help down low but also at sustained highway cruising.

What about stainless steel?

We recommend stainless steel especially on vehicles equipped with a catalytic converter. It's no mistake that vehicle manufacturers the world over make all their engine pipes in stainless steel. All late model petrol powered vehicles run a catalyst and it is due to these operational temperatures and functions that we recommend stainless steel headers. The grade of stainless steel used (409) was developed for these applications and is ideal considering the thermal cycles in modern motoring whilst maintaining material credability and long life.<br />
<br />
Alternative steels such as ACMS (mild) and other types of stainless will either fatigue or crystalize much quicker as a result of their inability to tolerate the high temperatures of modern vehicles. <br />
<br />
All hitech Header products listed are either available as standard line in stainless steel or upon request can be tailored to suit your needs.

Do I need to change the rest of my exhaust?

We design all our products around the idea of integrating a set of hitech Headers with the original exhaust system and in a lot of cases a set of hitech Headers will bolt directly to your standard system. There are other opportunities to tailor the rest of your exhaust to suit your needs but this would require the consultation of an exhaust specialist to advise what would be suitable and possible. We recommend in most cases a conservative approach is often the best as noise does not mean improvement.

Do we make manifod replacements

Yes we do. We have in stock a range of manifold replacements .
We have a large range of Mitsubishi Pajero manifolds.

Do you have headers/manifolds that are not in the catalogue

Yes we have access to a vast range of Headers/Manifolds.

Can you supply bolt on systems for 4WD vehicles

We have a large supply of 4wd components available to us.
Large range of systems in stock

Can you despatch goods interstate

Yes we supply goods Australia wide on a regular basis

Do you sell manicats

We have a large range of manicats available.
We also import specials at your request which are usually
available within one week.

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